Yagazie Emezi is probably not a new name to the Tumblr and Instagram savvy. But for those who aren’t, she’s this really quirky cartoonist, creative consultant and photographer who’s gathered quite a following for all the good zany reasons. On creating this cartoon character named ‘Yaga’ after herself, Yagazie says: “I drew a smiley face. Then I gave it a head and my hair and a little body. The simplicity of the character was helpful because I didn’t have to think much about it!” This simplicity is refreshing and is there someone who doesn’t relate to this character? There are many reasons to love this woman’s work but these cartoons hover on top for me.


With my cartoons, I draw directly from my personal life. From battling with boyfriends over having my hair in their faces, to being the creepy big spoon and watching them sleep, to the single life struggle of loneliness and horniness, I simply apply my pen to paper to share with others what I thought at first were my experiences alone. I’m just happy that some of my little life facts are relatable to others.

Here’s an interesting interview Yagazie gave MTV about how she drew her way out of a ‘dark place’.Yaga-1

She’s a real cat lady, this one..Yaga-2Yaga-4on loving yourself…


dealing with loneliness..Yaga-5(me too!)Yaga-6is this you just after you’ve been flirted with? No judgment.Yaga-7Yaga-8for the mothers..Yaga-9Yaga-10Yaga-11Yaga-12Yaga-13

(All photos from Yagazie’s Tumblr linked below.) 

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Written by Nik-Nak