When you find out the photographer we’re presenting to you to today is named Amaal Said, you’d appreciate my pun-ny title more.

Amaal Said

(There’s Amaal – a majority of her photography subjects are her friends.)

Amaal Said is 19. She’s gorgeous. She’s talented. This Danish-born Somali young woman is both a poet and photographer, which proves that theory that creative manifestations come in multiples (is that a real theory?)

I first discovered Amaal’s work via this interview with Dynamic Africa.

I’m drawn to flowers. The initial reason for opting for flowers was to put the person I was photographing at ease. I think it’s easier when you have something in your hand, or at the side of your face. Then I was doing a shoot with my friend Belinda Zhawi. She had such beautiful braids and I stuck a few flower pieces in her hair. We’re never seen as delicate things as black women. Putting those flowers in her hair meant something. It was more than just beauty, but what beauty meant being a black woman. Every shoot is different. Sometimes flowers work and there are times when other things are more suitable, but I ask ‘what things do you like? What makes you feel beautiful?’ And we just go from there.

Something about her pictures hits me right in between my eyes. There’s a clarity in expression that can’t be imitated. I know I use this word too much, but yes, her pictures are vibrant. They pop. See for yourself:







Amaal 7

Amaal 9

Amaal 6

Amaal 1

Amaal 2

Amaal 3

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Find Amaal on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr. You can read her words here.

Let me leave you with an excerpt from one of her poems:

you will rise with a half-open mouth
waiting for softness to settle into you again,

praying quietly
that it still remembers you.

(All photos are from Amaal’s Tumblr.)


Written by Nik-Nak