Remember WallJaunt and their thing for living spaces? Well, since the last time we featured their work here, they’ve been working, churning out beautiful designs including the set designed with inspiring words for the new year that’s currently up on the Store.

WallJaunt has big plans for 2016 that’s got us all excited…

One of the major things on WallJaunt’s check list this year is to foster collaboration as much as it’s possible especially with individuals and artistes with whom our values align.

The first of these collaborations is with designer, Ashiwel (whose work you can find here) just in time for the Valentine season.

Yes, you read that right. These wall frames embody the spirit of the season and make such perfect gifts. Don’t you agree?

With these designs, we want to tap into the mood that is Valentine season knowing the reassurance that comes with professing kindness and love. 


You can shop these pieces by clicking on the images. If you have problems ordering, please shoot us an email at


Written by Nik-Nak