Wall Jaunt has a thing for living spaces, so do we!

Here I am, lover of art, words and living spaces… all of these great loves come together nicely in the awesomeness that is the Wall Jaunt’s collection of works.

We’ve been asked often, what are we trying to achieve with this? What does this mean? For us, it’s a body of work that’s inspired by our love for words, and our inherent belief that they’re the foundation of everything. Big. Small. Mundane. Wall Jaunt is an art shop that’s dedicated to inspiring inhabited living spaces. We understand that the majority of life’s moments will be formed in spaces you inhabit.. We will provide you with the right form of art aesthetics to build the life you have always wanted.


The amazing thing about art is how diverse it can be, there is always a variety of stuff to choose from. Always some rad piece you want to collect. Something unique. Something fresh. At times, it can seem slightly daunting. But I promise, with Wall Jaunt pieces – these words that inspire us to live our best lives – you cannot go wrong! It’s waking up to constant inspiration. Yes, please! I’ll have that with my cup of tea, thank you very much.


Wall Jaunt put together an exhibition of words and colors earlier in the year…





…And some of the works are still available for purchase.

Some of my favorites…

In very exciting news, a new collection has just been launched and is now available for sale on their site. So fresh and so clean, clean! (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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I already know the one(s) I’ll be placing an order for? Do you have a favorite? Go on, Explore.

Find Wall Jaunt here. Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr (there’s always something great to read on that blog, trust me).


Written by Nik-Nak