“If you and I were to start dating, what would your friends and family warn me about you?”

That’s the question for this episode. It was inspired by The Skin Deep/The And (an excellent human project on YouTube you should all get into).

The truth is that the answers to that question wouldn’t be very flattering at all to us because it ranges from negative personality traits to nasty habits to downright weird and embarrassing tics we can’t get rid of. And it’s why we’re so pleased we got so so many responses to this one. It’s a very brave thing to confront negative perceptions of ourselves in the eyes of those closest to us – it’s another thing to share it on the internet.

But eventually, it underlines our humanity. We’re just all flawed broken people, aren’t we? Yet, we’re loved anyway.

Listen to the episode here:

Music in the episode is You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore and Give Me Something by Jarryd James.

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As usual, share with your buddies and co-workers and partners and maybe that person who you’re about to get into a relationship with – it just might spur on an interesting conversation.

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Written by Nik-Nak