Going through the motions everyday, we tend to overlook the seemingly inconsequential things – like the sounds and hums that make up the background of our activities. We particularly love this episode of Voice Notes because even more than the responses, we got people to pause and think and be a little more aware of their surroundings for even a few seconds.

What’s your favourite non-musical sound? You might not even be conscious of how much you love the bells of the cathedral or the muezzin’s call to worship until you actually think about it. Or maybe the sound of your dad’s keys hitting the centre table. Or the chaotic voices and honking and revving and just all that noise that’s typical of Lagos that you don’t you realize you miss till you’re miles away?

Whatever it is, this episode is celebrating it. An excerpt from an article I read recently:

As humans, we are always searching between the frames of our lives for the spectacular, for the one frame that is worth remembering. I imagine that this must be one of the reasons for every photograph we take—to record the frames of our lives we think are special. But what is the fate of the banal? If we spend most of the hours of our lives doing ordinary things, why do we hardly consider making memories of them?

This is not a call to undermine the spectacular; I am writing simply to tell you how valid it is to immortalize your ordinary.

So here we are, immortalizing the ordinary.

P.S.  This is the The And episode I referenced in the episode and this is Bob from Bob’s Burgers saying ‘oh my God’ and then Lana from Archer saying ‘Nooope’. Music is Fela’s Water No Get Enemy.


Written by Nik-Nak