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Des and I were discussing Skinny Girl in Transit, among other things, and wandered into the subject of things our mothers say and believe that we can’t believe they believe – those things totally removed from fact or proof or science. Yes, those.

And so the second ‘episode’ of Voice Notes was birthed. We asked a few friends to share with us some of those myths their mothers staunchly believe – stemming from protective instincts, trying to maintain our innocence or perhaps just unquestioned tradition? We don’t know. The myth subjects we got range from illness to spirits to breasts to food to mental illness.

We hope you find them as fascinating as we did; here are the voice notes:

Please share some of your mother myths with us!

Here’s a thank you to everyone who sent in a voice note! (If you’re interested in sending a voice note for the next topic, please email us@nik-nak.co with ‘Voice Notes’ as the heading so we note your email.)

Music is 2Cellos’ cover of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.


Written by Nik-Nak