Darryl Kwaku Otten, based in Canada, is the visual artist and creative director behind KWVKU.

KWVKU aims to:

connect people who are ambitious, artistic, exuberant and like minded, give them a home and build a global community. KWVKU is a platform for the up and coming to be heard and appreciated for their hard work while also supporting those who have already attained their success. This includes contemporary music, videos, high fashion, street fashion and a wide range of entertainment.

..but it is the photography of Kwaku that amazes me. He is one of the people I was lucky to have found via Instagram’s Explore. His feed is a minimalist visual feast! His use of bright vibrant colours is so stunning that ‘visual artist’ is exactly right. Because this is art. From colour to composition.. art. I found this Study on Colour & Posture fascinating.

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All photos are from Kwvku’s website. Visit. Also follow on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram / his personal Instagram & Twitter!


Written by Nik-Nak