Vincent Leroux is a French photographer.

Today, I am afraid I will reduce this man’s emotive body of work to just a few photos that I like but might not capture the whole of his essence. But here’s what I want you to know about Vincent Leroux – when I look at his photographs, I can feel them.

Here is a post focused on his interior photography; and another on his architecture photographs in Southern India.

vincentleroux_04Hadietou CoreraIdrissa Coreravincentleroux_09vincentleroux_10Nicolas Denis - AD

au lycéeau lycéeAlfred FischerCécile VimontJean Pierre Cassetivincentleroux_21vincentleroux_20vincentleroux_28vincentleroux_24vincentleroux_25vincentleroux_26vincentleroux_27vincentleroux_22vincentleroux_19Tiruvannamalai_ADvincentleroux_23vincentleroux_02 vincentleroux_01vincentleroux_03

(All photos are from his website linked above.)


Written by Nik-Nak