AshakeWhen I get introduced to yet another creative that I am shocked to not have known before, it underlines my amazement about the myriad talents in the world.

Tunde Owolabi’s work has me dusting off that amazement yet again. He is one of the artists with multiple expressions of his art: photography. He’s studied painting, graphic design and photography. He has worked as an Art Director but currently runs Tunde Owolabi Studios and StudioMO in partnership with a friend.

I let my mood or whatever is inspiring me at that moment set the tone and the pace of my work. I love challenges and I love to set projects for myself. That way, I am able to tell a story and bring my audience or viewers into my world.

What I find the most fascinating are his product designs. His designs are simple and refreshing in this time where there is a significant return to the use of traditional materials. There is no problem of over-designing here. Following more research on aso-oke and an exhibition based on the material last year, Tunde Owolabi is finding more modern expressions for this indigenous fabric. And well, these handmade goodies are just my cup of tea. Bonus points for this venture helping out artisans!

IMG_0070 IMG_6744 Oriki Green Oriki vintage1 P1030809 P1070961 P1070964 Aduke Akanni. Alani

Tunde.Owolabi.3Tunde.Owolabi.1 Tunde.Owolabi.2

(Photos from TheStyleHQ, DesignIndaba & Tunde Owolabi’s website. Follow his Instagram & Facebook for updates and sales information.)


Written by Nik-Nak