Threaded Tribes is a Ghanaian merchandise brand specialised in creating hand-crafted, limited edition clothing and accessories. A few weeks ago, someone retweeted one of their cloaks onto my timeline and it piqued my interest enough to go a-hunting. What I found, is an unconventional line complete with threadbare, rough-around-the-edges eccentricities. Described as the “aesthetics of the unfinished”, Threaded Tribes takes the everydayness of a simple cloak and turns it into a statement. And the best part? They ship worldwide!

Although they produce a variety of accessories, it is the cloaks that grab my attention every time. Made mostly with the handmade mud cloth (or Bògòlanfini) sourced from Mali, the fabric is used in its most organic state allowing the imperfections of the cloth add to its aesthetics (very wabi-sabi-esque!).

I love everything about these cloaks.

Because the pieces are made in limited quantity, the store is updated periodically with new designs and styles. Check out their website and Instagram. And if you’re feeling generous, I’ll take one of these. Many thanks.



Written by Nik-Nak