Welcome to the T-shirt post!

I’ve been seeing way too many dope tees wandering around Lagos, so I decided to do all of us a favour by compiling a list of some of my faves.

– Allen & Fifth (Shop here)

Everyone knows Allen&Fifth. Well, everyone I know has one of their pieces and there has to be a reason why. The quality is something that gets raved about a lot. Get familiar.

Allen&Fifth-5 Allen&Fifth-7 Allen&Fifth-8 Allen&Fifth-9

– Drofu (Shop here)

I saw my first Drofu shirt sometime this month. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a clear photo of it to show but I went on and discovered the digital art of the brand. I find it wonderully fascinating that they use this format to show their newest designs.


– SkinyBlink (Shop here)

I’ve known Blink for a long-ass time. I even modeled for the brand once (I hope that photo has been banished to internet hell). I like that SkinyBlink takes his time to bring out quality work. I particularly love the Bring Back Our Girls tee.

Blink-2 Blink-3 Blink-5Blink-4 Blink-1

– RocandReligion

I couldn’t get very good photos of this brand but I took these from their Instagram.. I think they should be enough to convince you of their radness. There’s an email address on their Instagram page for inquiries and purchase.

Rocandreligion-2 Rocandreligion-3 Rocandreligion-1

– Literati (Shop here)

I’m here for the Afro women on these tees! Yes!

Literati-2 Literati-1Literati-6Literati-7

– Caven Etomi (Shop here)

I’m a big fan of Caven Etomi. Their collection is big; something for everyone! These tees are super creative and chilled; I want every single one. It helps that their lookbooks are always something to look forward to. They’re based outside Nigeria but host regular pop-up shops in Lagos, so keep an eye out.


I bet there are many many more tee-shirt brands that I haven’t had the fortune of stumbling upon, please leave details and links to the shops as comments so others can get some of that goodness.

(Oh, super shout out to Giddimint which retails so many cool brands. Check them out, guys!)

Have a great week, guys!


Written by Nik-Nak