Is there any better time to let you in on my love for J. Quazi King‘s photography than now that he’s on everyone’s lips thanks to the Puma X Saint Heron photographs for the Word to Women campaign? Probably, but that’s beside the point. Quazi21 It started with that photo (above) and I went on an obsessive quest to find all the photos he had ever taken. I find his photography emotive – he brings out a side to his models that I do not see many photographers pull off. There’s a haunting connection between photographer and subject that is caught – an essence of ¬†their personalities that is palpable in each photograph.

Although this self-taught, Brooklyn-based photographer (who is originally from Equatorial Guinea) started by documenting scenes on New York streets, his work has evolved to focus on portraiture. And these portraits are stunning. There’s a grimy honesty to them.

See: Quazi20 Quazi19 Quazi18 Quazi17 Quazi16 Quazi15 Quazi14 Quazi13 Quazi12 Quazi11

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Quazi6 Quazi5 Quazi4 Quazi3 Quazi2 Quazi1 You see?

No more words.

All photos are from his website linked above.

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Written by Nik-Nak