The other day I was reading a post about a greenhouse picnic and couldn’t take my eyes off this dress…


… and was already agonizing about where to begin my search when I found that the blog author had linked to the designer. Thank Heavens! I excitedly clicked on the link and I’m not sure I was fully prepared for the gorgeousness I was faced with.

Meet sisters, Hilary and Trilby Nelson, the creatives behind the Nelson ProjectTrilby Nelson is an uber talented fiber artist, whose work you’ve probably come across on the blogosphere. For the Nelson Project, she’s collaborating with her sister, Hilary, who is an amazing painter currently receiving her MFA from the University of Iowa. Don’t you just love a creative family?


The sisters do justice to frayed denim, giving off a playful, free-spirited vibe with uber cool, giggle-inducing project names: Help Me Out Here Jack, Tano Rd, and The Elephants Are Restless. From crop tops to cute shift dresses, hand painted blankets and tassel shirts, each work is life-giving! No jokes. See for yourself…


Now what are great clothes, if you can’t goof around and have a little fun in them?


(All images and video are from the Nelson Project website linked above).

Trilby is on Instagram

Written by Nik-Nak