Long time no playlist, eh? Well we’re fixing that with another one for The Artiste’s Playlist, a series on the blog that features some of our favourite artistes sharing a short playlist with songs they love, because we are interested in what our faves are listening to. Today, singer/songwriter, Tomi Owó is up. Haven’t heard her music? You should fix up! Her soothing, mellow vocals is reason enough to love her sound (but of course there’s more). While we await the release of her EP which she is currently working on, you can stream her music on Soundcloud. We are huge fans and are earnestly looking forward to new music from her. In the meantime, listen to some of the music she’s currently listening to.


My playlist these days is a mix of two extremes- modern arrangements with a whole lot of soul, and “back-when” music – sounds that really got to me during my music-conscious growing-up days. I’ll put them in two categories: Contemporary and Nostalgia. This list is just a fraction of the whole thing. Lists are hard! But please enjoy nonetheless.


  1. Stephen – Remembering Myself

I doubt that this song will ever get off my playlist. Well, I’d probably let it rest a bit, and then get back to crushing on it all over again. Stephen’s vocal and emotional delivery of his lost love gets to your soul. The arrangements also give the song a very unique synth-soul feel.  And those strings? Unmatched.

  1. Tomi Owó – Versus

This is the most played song on my playlist. It does not matter that I wrote and performed it; it’s forever a beautiful feeling when I listen on the outside. I wrote it for women in love, who dream big and work hard, and for the men who love them.

  1. Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough?

Listen to Lianne, and you’ll know that there is still hope from all the chaos in this world. ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’ is bold and anthemic, yet subtle and soulful, as is Lianne’s style.

Is your love big enough? Baby let me know.

  1. Building 429 – Listen To The Sound

The lyrics to this song instantly lift your spirits, and remind you of God’s grace, especially when things seem to be going south. “Listen to the sound of a new beginning, this is where the old is ending!”

  1. Oh Wonder (Lyar Remix) All We Do

Have you heard about Oh Wonder? If you have not, then welcome to my favourite band. ‘All We Do’ is a brilliant song, a critique of our tendency to choose fear over courage and adventure. Lyar is an amazing DJ, and he added fuel to fire by making a remix. Strings in check, utter smoothness.

  1. Lost Boy – Ruth B

Cross Birdy and Adele, and you have Ruth B’s soothing vocals. With Lost Boy, she describes her state of being using the classic Peter Pan story. It’s total love for Lost Boy.

“Neverland is home to lost boys like me, and lost boys like me are free.”

  1. JoJo – Save My Soul

We know JoJo. Vocals for days. But this song is JoJo with a twist, thanks to its strong social consciousness. She sings about drug abuse and its consequences in the coolest way. Gives me total feels.

  1. Alicia Keys – In Common

I like this, Alicia Keys. I really like this. ‘In Common’ has a delightful afro-soul x dance-hall sound, and I’ll be moving to it for a long time, I know. Smooth sound, very refreshing.

“If you can love somebody like me, you must be messed up too.”

  1. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 – Black Woman

A true ode to the African Woman, afrobeat style. Totally love.



  1. Sade – By Your Side (Benn Watt Mix)

The original version is unmatched. But still, you should totally put on this remix of Sade’s By Your Side, leave it playing from your home speakers, and enjoy your Saturday.

  1. eLDee – One Day –

We’ve been through a lot as a nation in the past months, and we hope things get better. ‘One Day,’ though released years ago, captures the struggles the nation still faces, and sends a message of hope. Skilfully delivered too. Man, such a bounce, and those rhymes.

  1. Alexandra Stan – Mr Saxobeat

I heard this song recently while I was shopping, and I got very excited! It was a defining sound when it was released in 2011, and hearing it again brought back many memories. The Romanian singer made a keeper song, for sure.

  1. Brooke Fraser – C.S Lewis Song

When someone like Brooke Fraser picks quotes from C.S Lewis and turns them into lyrics, you know to expect timeless, deep music. C.S. Lewis Song was released since 2007, but will never be old in my eyes.


Written by Nik-Nak