The Artiste’s Playlist is a new series on the blog that features some of our favourite musicians sharing a short playlist with songs they love, because we are interested in what our faves are listening to and we’re sure you are too. Today, we have the amazing singer/songwriter Sutra whose music we featured here, sharing some of her favourite music.


This list was hard to narrow down, but it’s made up of my current faves and a few old ones that I managed to find on SoundCloud. There isn’t a theme, but it covers an array of genres from a mix of artists. There is a bit of everything from jazz, neo-soul, afro music and folk, to grime and hip-hop. Happy listening!

Agorinha | Sángo

Sángo has been on my radar for at least a year now. His heavy bass lines are often coupled with an unconventional, but increasingly popular production style. He fuses sampling and his own afro-latin influences, which makes for very interesting music indeed.

Unlooking | Worlasi

I discovered Worlasi’s music by chance a few weeks ago, and I honestly think he is one of the most exciting talents to come out of Ghana at the moment. Unlooking is a clever play on more traditional afrobeats with hi-life, a contemporary approach and witty lyricism. Bravo, Worlasi!

Flaws | Denai Moore

Denai Moore came on my radar some time in 2013. Her unique voice, coupled with piano and/or guitar depending on the track, had me sold. She brings a soulful, ethereal sound to folk and acoustic music. I also love her way with words. Check out her song, “Gone” it’s a real treat. I even covered it on my soundcloud back in the day.

Ever After | Emily King

If you don’t know who Emily King is, you need to get to werkkk. Smooth, soulful and a stellar story-teller, Emily King is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This track is off her “Seven” EP which you can also find on soundcloud. I love this track. And, it sounds like a groovy lullaby. Winning!

Josephine | Ritual (Alfa Mist remix)

By the end of this list, you’ll know i’m a big fan of London-based producer Alfa Mist. The piano is my favourite instrument, and classical piano especially gets to me. Here he’s remixed RITUAL’s “Josephine” track and brought a whole new neo-soul/jazzy vibe to it. Coupled with the great vocals on this, it makes for a good, calming listen. Enjoy.

Heartburn | Wafia

This track has been on repeat these past few weeks. It’s similar to the sort of music I tend to make and that i’m drawn to. Surprising, emotional, cinematic instrumentals and production, coupled with a haunting voice. Wafia nails this track about heartbreak and disappointment.

Stronger Than Me  | Alby D

Personally, I find remixes that speed up tracks a bit irritating. There’re just so many of them, and sometimes the remixes turn great music into a pop, born-for-radio mess. Alby D’s remix of Amy Winehouse’s “Stronger Than Me” however, is one exception. Very clever, indeed. I listen to this all the time! Rest in Peace, Amy.

Hopeful | Alfa Mist (Feat. Jordan Rakei)

Okay so I already confessed my love of Alfa Mist’s production style. Listen to this track, with the talented Jordan Rakei, and see why. #emotion

Powers | Solo Woods

Solo Woods is a man with a voice that grabs your attention. It is gentle, un-intrusive and carries warmth. Soul, soul, soul with lyrics to sit and think on. I love this man’s music. He is also the brother of Jaime Woods (who’s track “Hello Morning” is also on this list). Super talented siblings!

Cold War  | Melusi

This track is a lot more eerie and haunting than the others, and that’s exactly what I find intriguing about it. Definitely one to listen to! Melusi, with his effortless voice and harmonies, softens a song that might otherwise have been too harsh. Genius.

Down | Brymo

Brymo. Just.

Thank you, God and thank you, Nigeria.

That’s all. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cheating On Me | Kwabs

Kwabs nails it, again and again. His baritone voice is honey to my ears every time I hear it. A great voice from a person who seems like a genuinely nice guy. Plus, he’s Ghanaian too (ha). Hear Kwabs on this Tom Misch refix.

Hello Morning | Jamie Woods

Jaime Woods is a talent i could go on about for a long time. She is incredible, and if you watch her live performances on youtube you’ll see the confidence and incredible stage presence she carries with her. A true craftswoman. “Hello Morning” is my go-to song for lazy mornings, bad moods, or a combination of the two.

Spinning | Rob Milton (Feat. Jacque Hammond)

This flows in a similar vein to Jaime Woods’s “Hello Morning.” Very mellow and soothing. Enjoy this soulful track!

Sky Scrapers | Flo AA

Flo AA brings intelligence over this instrumental by Robot Orchestra. Young and rising, this talented woman is one to watch. I’m keeping my eye on what’s to come from her!

Man Don’t Care | JME (Feat. Giggs)

Who doesn’t love a bit of grime? This is one of my favourites!


Written by Nik-Nak