The Artiste’s Playlist is a series on the blog that features some of our favourite artistes sharing a short playlist with songs they love, because we are interested in what our faves are listening to. Poetra Asantewa is a Ghanaian poetry and spoken word artist whose work we completely adore. Listen to her debut EP, Motherfuckitude. She’s sharing her playlist with us today.


  • Intro to Babylon | Nezi Momodu

I found Nezi through a cypher that was trending on Tumblr. We’re best friends now. Doesn’t matter that she’s unaware of my existence. She’s frigging brilliant. Every line in this song is excellent; she holds my attention from start to finish.

  • God’s Whisper | Raury

Raury is like the next door neighbour who you spend hours with drumming on coffee tables, freestyling and making beats with your mouth – normal tings. And then at the end of the day you realize that you just made magic. I love the fact that God’s whisper says relevant things in relatable ways.

  • Run Wild | Jon Bellion

I proposed to J (yes, we’re on pet name basis) on Twitter a couple of days ago. We’re married, he just doesn’t know it yet. Run Wild shows the artist’s versatility. He sings beautifully and then ends off with a dope verse. 10 points for my husband! Lol

  • Ode to Sleep | Twenty One Pilots

Listening to Ode to Sleep feels like hearing someone echo your thoughts at the exact time you’re having them. Twenty One Pilots is one of my favourite band and alternative hip hop group.

  • Station | Lapsley

I am still very much in love with Lapsley. Such perfect synergy, such a beautiful song – the arrangement, the overlapping of voices, the pauses. This song does things to me.

  • Mega Kpenu | Jojo Abot ft EA WAVE

This rework of Missy Elliot’s “Work it” by Ghanaian singer Jojo Abot gives me so much life! Listening to her is like sliding through a dimly lit tunnel and landing joyfully on your bum.

  • TimeMelusi

If you listen to this song, and you do not fall in love ever so slightly, do let me know so I say a prayer for your senses. His voice is beautiful, his music is beautiful. It reminds me of softness and forgiveness and falling back in love with the things we once loved. I love Melusi.

  • Can’t Bring Me Down | Awreoh

I heard Can’t Bring Me Down from the movie “Dope”. I love them. There’s this abandon and care-freeness about this song that makes me want to dance and be a goof like no one’s watching.

  • The River | Audra Mae

Audra Mae is someone I love with little disregard but still find myself falling hard. She’s a storyteller with a sultry gracefulness about her. This song closes my eyes and bobs my head without asking my permission.

  • Awo | Cina Soul

Cina is the new sensational singer in Ghana. I had Awo on repeat all day, and was singing along by day two. I can’t wait to hear more from her!




Written by Nik-Nak