The Artiste’s Playlist is a series on the blog the features some of our favourite artistes sharing a short playlist with songs they love, because we are interested in what our faves are listening to. We have shared Ese Peter’s music on our Nigerian Alternatives Playlist. We are huge fans! Here’s a list of some of his favourite songs.


These are ear worms. Songs I am in love with and can leave on repeat for hours and hours.


(If you’d rather not view the playlist in YouTube, click here.)

Higher | Asgeir

Asgeir is an Icelandic Indie Folk Singer-songwriter. Higher is the opening track to his debut, In The Silence. I love to listen to records as cohesive bodies of work – from start to finish. I think its the best way to experience recorded music and I’m always particularly interested in the opening track as it embodies the spirit and soul of the record. Higher is a soaring song of hope and it does this perfectly.

Seventeen | Youth Lagoon

“When I was seventeen

my mother said to me

don’t stop imagining

the day that you do is the day that you die”

I listen to this song just to hear those lines. The music of Trevor Powers (Youth Lagoon) can sometimes be devastating and strange as as it is beautiful.

A Case Of You | Joni Mitchell

In my opinion, along with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon, Joni is the greatest living songwriter and A Case Of You is the quintessential love song.
“Oh, I could drink a case of you, darling, and still I’d be on my feet”.
Such an elegant line and song.

Fast Car |Tracy Chapman

I grew up on this song and it is my go to song for when I need to slot in a quick cover during a live set. Its a song about two lost lovers. They run away together in search of a better day only to find more despair. The song’s sentiment of dreamy escapism always resonates with me. This is a beautifully written and performed song, and one of the greatest ever.

Heart Of The Matter | India Arie (Don Henley Cover)

This is one of the most beautifully covered songs I’ve ever heard. I love how India puts a soulful touch to one of great songs of the 80s and dare I say she delivers it better than the original. This is how to cover a song.

London | Benjamin Clementine

This was one of my most played songs of 2015. Benjamin Clementine’s voice bears his soul and struggle so clearly and I think he’s one of the brightest young singers out of the UK. I am in love with the final lines of the song “Though my preferred ways are not happening, I won’t underestimate who I am capable of becoming”.

When The Lights Go Out | Nathmac

I met Nathmac a few months ago when we played a gig together in Abuja. In my opinion, this young man is the best thing to happen to rock music in Nigeria in recent times. The instrumentation, writing and delivery on this song are all stellar and I think Nathmac is a talent worthy of recognition, but don’t take my word for it, listen to the song.

Don’t Leave Home | Dido

I am drawn to brilliantly written songs and this is one of them. This song is about addiction and it totally blows me away that Dido and Rollo Armstrong wrote it from the perspective of the drug, talking to the user
– “If you’re cold, I’ll keep you warm, if you’re low, just hold on, I will be your safety”.
It is the absolute coolest thing. It is is also very well produced and performed.

Northern Sky | Nick Drake

Nick Drake’s life was one of sadness and depression. He died young and way before his prime and I think it is a sad twist of fate that the man who wrote the prettiest and most romantic song ever, died without ever being able to express this love for another person. This is my favorite love song of all time.

Wheel | John Mayer

One of the more underrated John Mayer songs. It is the closing track to his sophomore album “Heavier Things”. This is John Mayer at his most honest. Its not one of his best compositions but it is my personal favorite and contains the best line of any John Mayer song.

“I believe that my life’s going to see the love I give, return to me”

– Ese Peters.

Written by Nik-Nak