The Artiste’s Playlist is a series on the blog the features some of our favourite artistes sharing a short playlist with songs they love, because we are interested in what our faves are listening to. We have shared Bemyoda‘s music on our Nigerian Alternatives Playlist. We are huge fans and can hardly wait for new music from him. In the meantime, listen to some of the music he’s currently listening to.


  • Lianne La Havas | Forget (Live in LA)
  • Don’t Wake Me Up (Live in LA)

Loved Lianne right after Lindsey Abudei played me songs from her first album. Amazing is such an understatement for this rare talent. I thought there was something extra special about the live versions of these two songs. She’s hard to get enough of. And her’s is one of those voices that takes you far away.


  • Ben Howard | Old Pine
  • Keep Your Head Up

Atta LeNell started my love for Ben Howard. There’s few people as true to their art as he is. Precise. Mostly dark sounding. But also just as inspiring. I think I was supposed to come as Ben Howard. A Nigerian Ben Howard.

  • Andra Day | Rise Up

There’s songs I have on repeat for days. This is one of them. The words, her voice…Andra Day! And that’s all I can say. She’s got “the future” written all over her. Amos Kantiok sent me her name and simply said, “check her out.” I’ve been hooked. She’s special.

  • Melody Gardot | Who Will Comfort Me

I absolutely love Melody Gardot. Not just because of what she does with her fusion of jazz and soul, but how effortless she makes it seem. Jeremiah Gyang first told me about this sweetness. Rich, beautiful music.

Here’s an extra Melody Gardot Playlist:

  • Rich King | JPEGS

It’s a little sad Rich King hasn’t put more music out since this EP. He’s one of those special ones…award winning producer, composer, songwriter. It’s weird he’d sing such rich folk and then turn around to produce a hip-hop record. Good weird. This is my favourite song off his EP, and Oyinkan Ogunlaja told me about him a couple years ago.

  • Wayna | Echo

I love the way Wayna fuses western influences with her native Ethiopian sounds. Her voice is distinct as can get. I play her music in my car, and every single time, whoever is riding along with me goes, “who’s this?” Every single time. Little wonder she’s a Grammy nominee. I think Kamara Bature told me about her.

  • Aurora | Running With The Wolves

Found Aurora on one of my random internet searches. This is one of my favourite songs of hers. I love the emotion her voice bears, and how simple and almost childlike she sounds.

  • Mali Music | Fugees Flow Million Times

I’ll just allow you listen to this one.



Written by Nik-Nak