The Àga Concept by Bunmi Adeyemi had Kov and me in a real frenzy immediately we discovered the project. Here is a Nigerian brand, embodying everything we adore: minimalism, infusing the African cultural aesthetic with urban living and the design philosophy of “form follows function”.

The Yoruba word, ‘àga’ is translated to ‘wooden object’. Bunmi Adeyemi, who is a designer, interior architect and lifestyle entrepreneur – combines local workmanship (locally sourced materials & artisans) with modern design techniques to create these functional, minimal, beautiful products.

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His interview with The Style HQ is a must-read. He gives insight into his process, the idea and his direction for the Àga Concept.

Our brand aesthetics is what we call AFROMINIMA™ a trademark we created which means “Afrocentric Minimalism” – it’s edgy, it’s minimalist, it’s modern, it’s bold, it’s raw, it’s stylish, it’s functional and it’s African.

photo-5-1-660x400Attachment 6Attachment 8(1) (1)Attachment 10There are delicious planters also! *drooool*
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More than the aesthetic, we love that there is a lot of thought put into the design of these products. The Raw Urban range (kitchen collection) is raw and exposed to the elements, keeping it organic.
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We are excited to announce that some Àga Concept products will be available for purchase in the new Nik-Nak Store being launched next week!
We’ve been working to make products from some of our favourite artisan and quirky brands available for our readers to own. We will be giving more information on our curated store in the course of this week.

Some of the products to expect in the Nik-Nak Store include: Attachment 3(1)Attachment 1Attachment 1Attachment 1(All photos are from the Aga Concept.)


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