Kenesha Sneed is the designer/illustrator behind Tactile Matter. Our love for all things handmade and minimal is surely no surprise by now. It should be quite obvious immediately that Tactile Matter is definitely our cup of tea. Pun intended.Tactile-Matter-Kenesha-Sneed9Tactile-Matter-Kenesha-Sneed3

On the name ‘Tactile Matter’, she told UrbanBushBabes:

I wanted the name to show who I am in contrast to my other creative side, who spends most of the day playing with pixels. Tactile means something physical you can touch or feel and Matter is anything from an entity or object, so the combination of the two words feels right for the process of making my ceramic pieces.

And on how this wonderful movement started:

I remember a project where I used clay to create an animated short story and I’d like to think that started my need to use my hands more outside of the computer. After graduating and spending over 5 years illustrating digitally, I took a few ceramic classes where I learned how to use a wheel and really haven’t stopped since. Currently, I spend the day working as a illustrator at an animation studio and after hours I’m getting messy with clay.

Tactile-Matter-Kenesha-Sneed11This collection of stoneware ceramics is stunning. From planters to mugs to wall hangings… from someone who has tried to design this stuff – I know this is work. Kenesha has drawn influences from “her desert and coastal roots of Southern California”. I want to own every single one!

*cue heart eyes emojis*
Tactile-Matter-4Tactile-Matter-HandInBowlI’m ready to be that ceramics lady who never lets anyone into their house.
(All photos from Tactile Matter & UrbanBushBabes. Follow the brand on Instagram)


Written by Nik-Nak