It was through the Instagram Explore page that I discovered Tǽillὸ. I was so excited, I immediately shot her a message asking for more details. It was combination of things that got me hooked so quickly: how well the Instagram page was curated, how well designed the layout settings were and how contemporary she has made our traditional materials look! I was very impressed very quickly.

Tǽillὸ studied Architecture at the University of Lagos and has worked in some top interior design and architecture firms in Lagos, so you can immediately see that she has a strong background in this field.


Tǽillὸ realized that many of our traditional arts and crafts evolved overtime to include practical and decorative items and that human expressions find their way through various forms of art.In the light of all these she has resolved in her heart to brand our culture and identity and make it appealing to modern Nigerians through design.

Tǽillὸ does everything from home accessories to soft furnishing to good ol’ furniture. You should definitely check out these goodies. See:

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(All photos provided by Tǽillὸ) 

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Written by Nik-Nak