I first fell in love with Sutra’s voice when I heard her a cappella version of Asa’s Jailer. I confess, I did a little jig. And I still do one every time I hear her rich, powerful, electrifying, yet vulnerable voice on a track. Very few things make me do this dance. Sutra is that amazing! I think what totally left me gobsmacked was learning that she’d produced that song, having never actually learned to. Every other self-produced song from this unique singer/songwriter/writer/ medical student + more has been a surprise. A very pleasant surprise.
This Ghanaian, London-based artiste in her early twenties, is without a doubt one of my favorite singers. I absolutely love watching her music evolve. Her songwriting is quite expressive. Whatever her sound, soul, jazz, acoustic, electronic, Sutra brings it every time. E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E.


SUTRA’s new mixtape, The Art of Being (TAOB), is everything I love about her music. 11 tracks coproduced by  DJ & Producer, BOSTON, currently signed to UK label Symmetry Recordings, Ghanaian Producer & Rapper, DOTSE, Ghanaian producer, EDWVN, and SUTRA herself. I really do not have the words, so I’ll borrow Sutra’s…

The Art of Being, or TAOB, is my first mixtape; a collection of music and sung poetry that captures the origin, thoughts, fears, heartbreak, joy, frustrations and aspirations of my self…especially over the past 2 years in which I have learned to lean not on my own understanding. Its work is honest, unafraid but also deeply vulnerable.


TAOB is a unique medley of electro, neo-soul, jazz, acoustic and Afro-music. Put simply, it’s alternative and it encapsulates most of my different influences.

You really want to give it a listen…

A few questions for SUTRA:
* Why do you create?

I don’t know, I just do!

* Inspiration for life and for creating…

I’m really inspired by what goes on around me, what I see or hear, or feel, or sense. I guess human experience is what inspires me most: Our longings, our desires, our search for completion, our need for God.

* Other creative outlets?

I’m also a writer; you can find my poetry, thoughts and posts on my blogs: &

* Favorite thing about being a creator?

I love that creating is one way that I can feel closer to God, and that it allows me to write from alternative perspectives and of experiences I might not have necessarily had myself.

* Your creative process in a few words.

If it’s music, I tend to get a melody first. It could be out of nowhere or come to me while i’m on my guitar. When that happens I usually need to record it on my phone quickly or i’ll forget it, haha. With writing, it tends to be more frequent, more fluid. I see in my head or I feel something and I write from there, most of the time. It’s really sensory.

* What do you wish you knew five years ago?

I’d tell my past self, ” ‘God is in control’ really does mean God is in control. Believe it, and don’t sweat the small stuff…Look at the bigger picture.”

* Where’s your happy place?

Anywhere there are lots of books or live music. E.g. libraries or a jazz club!

* If you could only own five things, they’d be…?

Bible, laptop, an unlimited round-the-world plane ticket, a rucksack full of basic clothes/shoes, and a stethoscope (lol).

* Your ideal life in twenty years.

I honestly have no answer to this, haha. As long as I have God, everything else will fall into place.

* What puts you to sleep at night?

Music, most of the time.

* Currently most grateful for…?

Siblings and friendship.

*Tea or coffee?

Herbal tea. Otherwise, coffee 🙂

Download for free on Bandcamp or stream on SoundCloud (where you can find more of her music.
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Written by Nik-Nak