Yeah yeah, so Halloween is not a Nigerian thing. Whatever, shrug, etc. I’m doing a Halloween post anyway. But a Nigerian-ish one.

I’ve compiled a short list of some of the relatively spooky stories I’ve read and been referred by Nigerian writers that are accessible online. I’m really hoping we make this interactive, so I’d love it if you could post stories that I might have missed.

Let’s dive in. *cue eerie music*

  • The 4:15 Appointment by Rafeat Aliyu is a creepy story. Your blood might not curdle, but maybe you’ll get a few hairs up.
  • Read Soup by Chikodili Emelumadu. I also love love Candy Girl. It’s super weird and funny too! I’m up for a story where strange things happen.
  • This one gave me the creeps definitely and it’s such excellent writing too! Lesley Nneka Arimah is the total shiznit and you can see why in Who Will Greet You At Home.
  • There’s a whole bunch of excellent horror stories in the TNC Lights Out: Resurrection collection. You should read them all! No, really. But you can start with Eaters of Flesh by Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso.
  • This whole blog by Dare Falowo, but especially this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood and The Waterwidower.
  • The Monkey House by Tade Thompson is really… weird too. Good weird.
  • I confess that I haven’t read Bethlehem by Chika Unigwe, but it was described to me as “chilling”. So let’s find out together.
  • And then read The Carpet by Nnedi Okorafor. I’ve run out of synonyms for spooky and eerie.

(I know we have many more horror stories by Nigerian authors so I’ll keep updating this post with those I find/remember/you show me. You should bookmark and come back whenever you’re looking for some chills.)


Written by Nik-Nak