Hi guys, welcome to our new category: Spaces!

It’s simple: we’ll be visiting places we think have rad spaces and taking pictures for you guys.We love to dwell on the teeny details that actually make a place come alive – that little statue on a desktop or the mix-match patterns of a beautiful rug. We hope you enjoy this category as much as we already have: exalting the beauty in the mundane and intricately detailed, ey?

Eton House was our first destination and their office/showroom is a visual feast! They are a bespoke furniture production outfit based in Ikoyi, Lagos and their services range from living to sleeping to eating. You need anything fitted, they gatchyu.

Their Ikoyi space has all of the warmth, the knick-knacks.. It’s the perfect space to show off all the made-in-Nigeria furniture they produce. And they make functional, quality stuff. But oh, the ambience! It’s one of those places you walk into and can’t be still because there’s one more detail that’s caught your eye.

Eton House 1Eton House 3Eton House 10Eton House 2 Eton House 9 Eton House 8 Eton House 7Eton House 4Eton House 6 Eton House 5Eton House 12Eton House 14Eton House 16Eton House 17Eton House 18Eton House 19Eton House 22Eton House 24Eton House 26Eton House 28Eton House 11Eton House 20 Eton House 23 Eton House 27Eton House 38Eton House 37Eton House 35Eton House 36Eton House 30Eton House 39Eton House 40Eton House 25Eton House 21Eton House 41Eton House 15

From the space they’ve taken the time to create, you can tell the amount of finesse that goes into their products. We loved taking photos of what we loved best but it’s totally worth checking out yourself, we promise. Visit them at 59A, Mainland Way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi or on Facebook.

Eton House 0‘P.

Written by Nik-Nak