So, maybe you just moved to a tiny apartment in Lekki, or like me, you’re presently inhabiting a tiny fraction of your father’s abode (all that fancy speak makes me feel better, shush) – either way, I don’t know anybody – male or female – who has never been dissatisfied with the state of their closet/wardrobe.


I’ve consulted far and wide for you guys and have compiled a few closet makeovers that seem feasible enough.

1. This one is from here: The basic gist is maybe replace that sliding door that eats up space with drapes on a rod.

BHG Collage

2. These guys say that if like me you toss shoes over more shoes, then introduce layers and layers of shelves.

DLF Before DLF After

3. The secret to this one is to let go. Yes, let go of all those old unneeded stuff. Stop hoarding!

DS Before DS After

4. This is a little girly but the idea is to put in as many drawers and shelves as you can. Compartmentalize, etc..

VATW Collage

Those don’t look so difficult or expensive, do they? We spend so much time in/by/around our closets, it wouldn’t hurt having it look quite organized/actually attractive. Plus, have you noticed there’s a certain zen when your room’s in the best state in can be? Yup. Let’s know if you try any of these tricks.


Written by Nik-Nak