Sindiso Khumalo studied Architecture at the University of Cape Town. This is reflected in the aesthetics of her label. She went on to get a Masters in Design for Textile Futures at Central St Martins College of Art and Design. The brand focuses on modern sustainable contemporary textiles and has influences from the Bauhaus Movement and Memphis Movement as well as Sinsdiso’s Zulu and Ndebele heritage.


Being an architect myself, it is always interesting to see how the lessons and practices of one creative profession can morph and influence another, like fashion.

My aesthetic is a mixture of African influences but also modernist architecture, which tends to be quite cold with all its concrete.

Sindiso K

I’m taken by pre-1960s architecture and the use of concrete there. So I bring a lot of that in my work. For this collection, there’s a lot of bold graphics, which are also really muted down. Some of the prints are white on white, so you’d have to get really close to see it. Some of the prints look [as though] they are peeling off a building. They’ve been printed in a way that looks like a building that’s been worn down.

I really love how the modernist approach is still evident in the final pieces, the minimalist silhouettes, the bold and vibrant coloured geometric patterns and prints, the clean lines.. She labelled some of her collections as “Afro-Bauhaus-Gone-Pop”.

AUTUMN_WINTER_14_3 AUTUMN_WINTER_14_5SS13__0000_SPRING_SUMMER_13_10 SS13__0001_SPRING_SUMMER_13_9 SS13__0002_SPRING_SUMMER_13_8 SS13__0003_SPRING_SUMMER_13_7 SS13__0005_SPRING_SUMMER_13_5 SS13__0006_SPRING_SUMMER_13_4 SS13__0008_SPRING_SUMMER_13_2 SS13__0009_SPRING_SUMMER_13_1

I’m earnestly looking forward to her future projects.


Written by Nik-Nak