Saturday Mind Travel

Hello, hello!

There’s just so much good to read and although I always say that, it isn’t ever less true.

What struck me about this piece is the pragmatic approach the Chinese have to women empowerment. It is often said that all forms of feminism are valid, and I’m not in a place to argue that, but seeing the approach the Chinese have to letting their women be free to be who they desire, I can’t help but think some forms of feminism should be amplified more than others.

Restricting the women means restricting the growth of everyone. It’s as simple as that. No flowery narratives needed.

  • This is a fascinating story about three artists. You want to read it. Two artists fall in love. Another artist admires their work. One of our original artists dies and the widower-ed artist marries the new artist admirer. Uhuhn, I did say you’d want to read it. No fiction there.
  • An interesting article on silence and its link to stillness.

    When we think of silence, because we yearn for it perhaps, or because we’re scared of it — or both — we’re forced to recognise that what we’re talking about is actually a mental state, a question of consciousness. Though the external world no doubt exists, our perception of it is always very much our perception, and tells us as much about ourselves as it does about the world. There are times when a noise out there is truly irritating and has us yearning for peace. Yet there are times when we don’t notice it at all. When a book is good, the drone of a distant lawnmower is just not there. When the book is bad but we must read it for an exam, or a review, the sound assaults us ferociously.

  • Akwaeke Emezi tells us a bit about growing up in Aba.

It’s been quite a long list, hasn’t it? I’ll sign out with this so that you understand why I haven’t asked you out for coffee yet.

P.S. This house is gorgeous! This video is beautiful.. and this song is groovyyyy.

Have a great weekend!


Written by Nik-Nak