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Hi guys!

It’s been forever since we did one of these, right? But because of how long ago it’s been, I might not remember all the good good I’ve read in that time, so forgive me?

Let’s get to it; these are the stories, articles, thingsss that I’ve red recently that made me think, laugh or cry.

This account of  Clemantine Wamariya’s life as a refugee; she and her sister fled the Rwanda genocide. Any attempt to qualify the effect this had on me would reduce it.

This story by Louise Erdrich. The Flower is everything otherworldly and beautiful. Here’s a quote I adored:

That he called her Flower made her uneasy. Girls were not named for flowers, as flowers died so quickly. Girls were named for deathless things—forms of light, forms of clouds, shapes of stars, that which appears and disappears like an island on the horizon.

Hotel Melancholia is a woman’s story of how hotel rooms came to be worlds of loneliness and despair. And this, from our people at Aeon attempts to explain how people are violent because of the moral codes they are bound to.

Reading Comprehension is a story that made me laugh. If you’re up for it, do answer the comprehension questions that follow.

– Kov and I were drooling over these pictures of Michael and Kyle’s house. I dare you not to covet!

– As a shameless self-plug, I wrote this story and it won a Prize, so I’m still stoked about that. I enjoyed these shortlisted stories: Being a Man and Social Studies.

I’ve just finished Adewale Maja-Pearce’s The House My Father Built – it’s a lovely light read that Uche and I think would make a great sitcom. Check it out. Also, I’m presently going through Abigail Arunga’s book of poetry called Akello. I love her simple, mostly short poems about love and life and sexuality.

This is my favourite song right now:

I hope you like something! Enjoy.


Written by Nik-Nak