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Weekend going okay? If you haven’t got a chance to listen to the playlist Kov put together for your weekend, then you should press play now so that it’s the soft background accompaniment to the reading you’re about to do.

These are the articles/stories/interviews/stuff that the Blessed Internet has sent my way recently. Each one either made me laugh, think or be inspired.

1. Emmanuel Iduma is one of my favourite Nigerian writers. Mass Dying is important because there’s been Boko Haram and Garissa and too many examples in the world recently.

And if a name lies hidden within the leftover bits of a destroyed market, or a massacred town, is it still a name?

2. This article by Zina Saro-Wiwa about her mother’s portrait, and the art scene in Port Harcourt, and the dance between femininity and suffering.

3. This is hilarious. Because, aren’t you interested in why there’s such a thing as a Child Spa?!

4. Also from the New Yorker, this story by Chimamanda Adichie that’s been making the rounds. I’m a fan of Ms. Adichie’s short stories; I find not many people are.. but I really liked this one. And Kino by Haruki Murakami, who is also bae.

5.Arundhati Roy was interviewed. She spoke truths and wisdom and life.

Offline, I got Yrsa (how’s this pronounced?) Daley-Ward’s ‘Bone’ on my kindle because I hadn’t seen an excerpt from it that I didn’t like. Following reading Te’ V Smith‘s ‘Here We Are: Reflections of a God Gone Mad’, poetry has begun to woo me. And Yrsa’s book is really good at this seduction game. Still don’t believe me? I’ve included a couple of poems off her Tumblr below that should.

There will always be your heart Girls Poetry Panacea

As an extra, shameless plug actually: one of my stories in the ‘These Words Expose Us’ anthology was published on Wazi. And my friend, Edwin wrote this story. And because someone recently asked about ‘funny’ Nigerian blogs, this one is rad.

I hope you like something. Don’t forget to tell me how much, if you do..


Written by Nik-Nak