Hi guys,

It’s been way too long! But here’s a short list of some things I’ve read and been moved by in the past few months.

“Nor was he interested in subjecting his claims to logical scrutiny. And that is the second problem with basing one’s beliefs on personal intuition and direct revelation: it justifies the substitution of anecdote and authority for evidence and reason.”
“The trailer is so slow that I can count the number of trees on the road; I can count the number of people we pass, the number of cars that leave us on the road, the number of girls, less than ten years old, carrying luggage on their heads. The trailer is so slow that I am tempted to believe by the time we get to Kano, Kano will have moved a day ahead of us because we arrived late.”
“When she’s singing you can see into her mouth, which looks like the mouth of a child. I find that really moving, somehow. She’s not a woman, though she’s certainly not a child anymore. She’s something else. Like an angel of pain.”
  • Ending with this beautifully choreographed video from Jennah Bell; enjoy:


Written by Nik-Nak