Kov and I met for the first time early last year. A couple of friends and strangers (just eight of us showed up) were setting out on a road trip. It was the beginning of many adventures (I took the above photo on one of those). We’ve been on several others since then, and I honestly wouldn’t mind spending half of my life on the road: seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, climbing rocks and taking a million photos of my friends and the views.

Now, this post is about what to wear/take on these road trips. No, it is not my wishlist. And what if it is?

So, apart from obvious things like your bus/car/bike + your friends + your ipod, here are Road Trip ‘essentials’.

The Backpack

I am in a constant state of lust over all the gorgeous bags I see (Lord, I’m content too), but then my buddy showed me this brand once and I’ve been hooked. I like independent brands that take marvelous photos that actually stir the wanderlust in me, and Mifland Brand ticks all my boxes. Minimalist designs, all handmade, sophisticated, yet traditional while still managing to be rugged. Yes.

I really like their blog, I think the photography is gorgeous. And they do International shipping, so get shopping.








The Hat

So, if you’re traveling in hot, humid weather like we’ve been doing, chances are that you’ll need a hat while you’re exploring. Christina Caradona is the one woman whose hat collection I’d like to steal have. She’s stylish, with or without a hat.. but those hats, though! You should sniff around her blog, she puts links to the stores where she gets her outfits.

Worth and Worth Hat 1

Otte Hat

Lack of Colors Hat

Etudes hat

Clyde Hat

Christina Caradona

So as not to make this an exhaustive read, I’ll be back with a Part 2 of what I think are Road Trip essentials. Till then, go travel. It doesn’t have to be far, I bet there’s somewhere two hours from home you’ve never been.


Written by Nik-Nak