I found myself struggling to come up with something to eat the other day. I was craving something fresh but had zero inclination to spend any length of time slaving away to fix lunch. A salad is my go to thing in these moments and it’s handy that I had the fixings for a basic green salad. But…I needed something more interesting and filling.

I happened to be in Ebeano Supermarket with a friend when I remembered they sell freshly made moin-moin in leaves. It’s all about the leaves people. Or maybe I’m spoilt because my mother mostly makes her’s with the leaves. So, we picked up a couple of wraps, and some grilled turkey wings and made our way back to her house.

A quick salad of lettuce, cucumber, green peppers and tomato rounded it out for a hassle free lunch.


Here are a few more no fuss, no muss ideas for lunch:

Lemon Butter Rice


Anything with butter in it has my heart! This is simple and quick, and I imagine that using leftover rice from Sunday lunch will speed things up.

Homemade instant noodles

I’ve never been a fan of the popular packaged instant noodles. I’ve even been told my Nigerian card should be revoked for this but I don’t care!
That said, I like the idea of this homemade version. Noodles can be very filling and in this instance, nutritious. I try to minimise the faff by getting rice vermicelli noodles which don’t have to be pre-cooked and are widely available.


There is an element of nostalgia to this one as it takes me back to boarding school. It was fascinating to see all the creative ways people came up with to cook their contraband noodles.

Shrimp/Crab, Mango and Avocado Salad
Two salads in one post. What can I say? I love a good salad.


I’m intrigued by this crab, mango salad recipe. I haven’t had crab in so long I’m not sure I remember how it tastes. When we were younger, we moved to an area that was not built up for quite some time and had lots of swamps nearby. These swamps were chock-full of crabs, periwinkle and groves of coconut trees. I have memories of picking crabs with my brothers and the youngest, most tender coconuts that had so much water in them. We would come home and cook up our crabby loot simply with salt and pepper. A veritable feast I tell you.

As we’re coming to the end of mango season, there’s no better time to try this out. Of course, you can switch out the crab for shrimp, prawns, or chicken.


Once upon a time, I was obsessed with Pret a Manger’s wild crawfish and avocado salad. It quickly became a lunchtime staple. I stumbled on a photo of it which I pinned recently with the intention of making it but I’ve not got round to it yet.


What is your go to quick meal? Share.


PS. The link with each meal takes you to a simple recipe for that meal. Click away. We gatchu! 😉

Written by Nik-Nak