When you picture your French life, does it look as dreamy as this?


Jamie Beck, aka Ann Street Studio; photographer, blogger, and co-founder of Cinemagraphs, is currently living our collective French daydream. About a year ago, the already well-travelled New Yorker had a panic attack on a plane and decided that it was time for life in France. Because life’s too short. In that time, she has lived, cooked, and entertained in a gorgeous, gorgeous château (currently being restored), strolled through fields of sunflowers and lavender, harvested grapes for her own champagne, picnic-ed and drank wine in open fields, and shot photographs of it all!

I am almost embarrassed to admit to the number of hours I’ve spent drooling over her Instagram feed and not very patiently waiting for updates via her Stories. Not only because I want to swap places with her (it’s Provence! Who wouldn’t?), but also because Jamie’s photography makes everything look like… well… dreamscape! So gorgeously whimsical. Quaint, yet fancy. It is pure brilliance how she captures magic in every shot (can you tell I’m a major #fangirl?).


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I think what is for me the most exciting part of Jamie’s Provence adventures is the series of self-portraits she’s taken that are reminiscent of classic European paintings. Because, again, who doesn’t want to be in one of those? What I especially love about these photos is that she takes you through the process via her Instagram Story (sadly, you only have 24hours to view them before they disappear. Which means I spend way too many hours on Instagram, but worth it. Totally!).

(Above: Photographer, Jamie Beck, marks her year anniversary in Provence with a triple self-portrait inspired by Jan van Eyck’s painting “Arnolfini Portrait”)

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I cannot currently afford to pack my bags and move to the South of France (someday, someday), but what I can afford to do is buy a premium internet data package that allows me to live vicariously through Jamie. And I do not intend to waste a moment of it.

Follow Jamie’s Provence adventures (and much more) on her blog and on Instagram.

(All images are from Jamie’s website and Instagram feed.)


Written by Nik-Nak