‘P and I are music lovers, there’s no doubt about that. Thankfully, we have similar tastes in music so the fact that we can enjoy each other’s playlists is one more reason this friendship will flourish.
I used to pass up on a lot of music from the Nigerian music scene because I felt that Nigerian artistes weren’t making music for people like me. Save for the likes of Asa, Nneka, and Bez, there wasn’t much to choose from. But as I began to pay more and more attention I realized that there are quite a number of alternative, indie artistes doing amazing stuff out there. Really amazing stuff. Brilliant stuff.
Today’s playlist is a compilation of songs from some of the Nigerian artistes with ubër cool alternative sounds ‘P and I have discovered over the years.


1. BemyodaShima Yam/Always
Bem is definitely one of my favorite Nigerian singer/songwriters. Every song on his Sketch EP is brilliant. I can’t wait for more awesomeness from this man (*psst* He has a new single out in a few days). I’ve had the privilege of listening to some of his new material and oh mahn, there are exciting days ahead!

2. Ese PetersStay With Me/Omote
I discovered Ese Peters on Twitter a few years back when his Acoustic EP was released and I have been a huge fan ever since. His voice. His guitar playing. His live performances. Amazing stuff. That he is as much a John Mayer stan as I am, takes my love for him even a notch higher.

3. OyindaRestless
‘P introduced me to this London-raised, Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer, Oyinda. It only took one song for me to fall in love. I have updated my music library with more of her amazing sound. You should too.

4. Nana AishaFaraway
I’ll confess, I didn’t know anything about Nana until quite recently with the release of her single and the download link all over my TL. And the only reason I clicked on the link was because I’d seen that Atta Lenell produced it. I will tell you about Atta in a minute, but I have no regrets downloading this track. Nana’s voice plus the production quality is bang on!

5. Vicktor TaiwòFade
If you’ve read my post on Vicktor Taiwo‘s sound, then you already know how much I love his music (if you haven’t read it, go read it now). Fade is his latest single released earlier this month and, of course, is brilliant stuff.

6. AdakuStanding in Love
Adaku is a US-based, Nigerian singer/songwriter. Known for her alternative sound and beautiful voice, Standing In Love is my favorite from the songstress.

7. RettaTomorrow
Retta is quite new to me. I’ve heard a couple of songs and I think she’s doing great stuff. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a lot of information about her online (someone point me in the right direction, please). Tomorrow is a beautiful song. ‘P and I love it!

8. LindseyDon’t Look at Me That Way
Lindsey‘s sound is effortless in its beauty. This amazing singer/songwriter is truly gifted. If you don’t already know her, what are you waiting for?

9. Laolu & The AfromystericsFlowers
Laolu Sebanjo is a ridiculously talented musician and visual artist. While I have always been quite intrigued by his art, I assumed that his band was strictly into the afro beats sound and so really not my cup of tea until I heard Flowers. Oh, this song tickles me in all the right places. Yes, Laolu & The Afromysterics is my cup of tea and should be yours too.

10. The IsesSeventy
What I love most about The Ises is the experimental sound. Seventy is a bit different from his usual sound and introduces a female vocalist to the band, but is still really good music.

**I mentioned Atta Lenell earlier and let me just say that this young man is a gift to the Nigerian music scene. I don’t know any other Nigerian producer who does alternative better. He has worked with at least four of the artistes on our list. His website (linked above) is a treasure trove.

Hope you find something you like. Enjoy!


Written by Nik-Nak