Remember that time we made a playlist of songs from our favourite Nigerian artistes? Well, we’re doing it again. Some of the artistes on this list have been around for a while, and a few of them are new but they all do something beautiful with music that is worth sharing. We’ve linked back to each artiste’s page so you can discover even more of their music and hopefully include something in your music library.


  • Aduke – Made in Lagos

Aduke is definitely not new to the music scene. I’ve seen her perform live and can’t get over her energy. I feel like everyone needs to see her at least once. The socio-political conscious artiste makes music that has neo-soul/jazz, afrobeat and Yoruba folk influence. What’s not to love? Made in Lagos was released a few years back but is still a favourite.

It was ‘P who first told me about Tomi and I’ve missed watching her perform live twice now. The second time, she was off the stage shortly before we got there. That’s not going to happen again. Third time lucky, perhaps? With her mellow vocals producing such a soothing sound, she’s made fans out of us.

People like Adeola are the reason I’m thankful for Soundcloud without which I probably would not have discovered her soulful voice. The Liverpool born, London based singer/songwriter has been quiet for a while and one can only hope that she’s working on new material which I would gladly wait in line for.

A friend introduced me to Adesuwa’s music a few months ago and it was one of those love at first listen moments. The New York based singer’s EP, AirLight, is beyond beautiful and her voice is breathtaking. Firelight is such a dreamy song – stirring, soulful and hypnotic.

Simisola is a Nigerian-Dutch-American performing artist fusing soul, jazz, R&B and pop elements into her music. Another one of my Soundcloud discoveries, her EP Kings & Queens: Love Quest is just the right amount of soul.

  • FunbiForbidden Fruit

I hadn’t heard R&B/Soul singer, Funbi, until a few months back when he performed with Show Dem Camp at one edition of Afropolitan Vibes, and he really can sing! I generally do not listen to a lot of R&B but he’s one of the few I’ll listen to.

  • TayGabriel

I became a fan after listening to his mixtape, Passport, which was released in 2014 but I only got to hear late last year. The young singer/producer has a truly unique sound. If you’re a Frank Ocean or The Weeknd fan, then you’ll love Tay too.

If by now you still haven’t heard of Falana please fix up! We did a post on her music sometime ago, you could start there. Her sound, influenced mostly by jazz, soul and afrobeat, is truly amazing. I don’t know anyone who’s heard her sing that didn’t fall in love. ‘To Bernard’ is my favourite song from her Things Fall Together EP.

What I love most about Ranti’s music is the combination of neo-classical and folk sound. The stunning soprano won my heart with her version of the classic Iwe KikoBamiwo is however the song that comes up on my playlist more often and I think it’s just lovely.

We’ve talked about Atta quite often on this blog so this is really just an excuse to share his new(ish) single, Rescue, which I had on repeat for 24 hours nonstop when it first came out. Here’s your chance to hear it too just in case you didn’t see it the gazillion times we tweeted about it.

Bonus: Somi Ginger Me Slowly

Okay, I admit Somi isn’t Nigerian but seeing as she lived in Lagos long enough for this our beautifully chaotic city to be inspiration for her widely acclaimed album, The Lagos Music Salon, am I allowed to claim the East African songwriter and vocalist for the purpose of this playlist? Whenever this song comes up, I always hit repeat. Always. Because once is never enough.



Written by Nik-Nak