Today’s playlist is put together by Debola Adebanjo of Indie Therapy – a Podcast that celebrates indie/alternative music, radio show style. You’ll get everthing from Indie rock, to funk, folk, electronica, soul and even pop. With someone who knows her music, you know today’s Playlist is a definite winner. Perhaps, you’ll find a new favourite for your music library? This mix is an eclectic collection of sounds from various genres. Hope you enjoy…

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  • Wil​d Promises – Ballymore

A stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of song.

This new Irish band are on that path to discovering their niche it seems and debuting with this gem about the beauty of growing up in a Suburb and then leaving, will have you homesick for a place you have never been.

  • The National – Slow Show 

My best song from The National – (Don’t quote me)

If the tugging melancholic voice of Matt Berninger, the lead singer, doesn’t get you, the lyrics to the song will.

‘ I wanna hurry home to you 

Put on a slow, dumb show for you and crack you up

So you can put a blue ribbon on my brain

God, I’m very, very frightening, I’ll overdo it’

  • Jones – Indulge

Jones wasn’t afraid to tread those paths mainstream R n B failed to evolve into. Quite a refreshing tune here and almost addictive.

  • Hinds – Chilli Town

If you never got around to dancing on the table in your favourite bar, hitting on a cool guy at the club, and other crazy things you envisage yourself doing, you will find yourself living vicariously through these four Spanish girls.

A crazy night out, bawling to your favourite song and singing off-key? – It’s all the fun one can have in Chilli  Town.

  • Billie Marten– Bird

Bird is a catch. This tune will have you trying to clutch at something at first as you hope to find meaning to this beautiful piece, you will forget that for a bit while it soothes. Enjoy it then because the desperation to find meaning will kick in afterwards. I believe you will eventually settle for just listening to the tangle-free voice of this talented 17 year old sifting through. Certain to be one of your favourite from the playlist.

  • Aurora – Conqueror 

A fiery tune here by Aurora, another teenager who is giving the world something new. She is said to be the new SIA – ‘All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend’ is her debut album. This tune is Bold. Just Bold.

  • Jack Garratt – Surprise Yourself

Think of a thousand daunting things and acts people are afraid of – How about that thing you think will kill you if you ever attempted it. And the numerous excuses, lies and ‘talkdowns’ you told yourself ? Garratt croons, prods even more appropriately ‘surprise yourself ’ repeatedly, it actually lifts. If the song sounds vaguely familiar, it was also played in the bestseller novel turned Rom-Com ‘Me before you’.

  • Saint Raymond – Wildheart

Probably the favourite FIFA 15 theme song of most folks. Wild Heart is another tune quite upbeat about life, risks and chances.

Because I’m searching for something I hope in my heart I will find,

And though it’s testing my patience away I’ll be biding my time.

You know it’s fine I’ve got all day,

Maybe there isn’t a right way

  • Shura – What’s it gonna be?

Not sure where you stand with someone or need some motivation to hang in there through a difficult relationship? This record applies. Though I think it works more with the former – ‘Girl grabs boy by the balls (maybe not there) and asks nicely, “What are we?”

  •  Oyinda – Flatline

Oyindamola’s music has been likened to that of Lauryn Hill and Sade Adu. The London-raised Nigerian singer is even popularly referred to as the next Aaliyah. This pop tune is sultry, deep, mysterious, and sweet.

‘A little pressure a little harder could you hurry it’s an emergency’

Did I mention it’s accompanied with some smoky vocals?

  • The Perishers – My Heart

An oldie but a goodie still. Quite a friendly and chest tugging tune.

  • Nada Surf – Always love

Could pass for another broody, melancholic song depending on your mood, but the message is so easy to comprehend and true you will find yourself believing it.

  • HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

It is absolutely impossible not to swing to this beautiful song. An absolute stunner here. Quite fresh on my playlist too. It will get you giddy if you are in love, and happy if you aren’t.

  • Chet Faker – No Diggity 

Not too many rap songs are sampled out there, quite daring to attempt one as legendary as No Diggity by Dr.Dre but this gruff-voiced Australian pulled this one off real good.

  • The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

This indie pop sound was number one on the alternative charts for many months when it was released in 2013. This is the sound of trouble, freedom, a ‘rompy good time out’, and maybe sex, most likely sex. Feel free to take your shirt off.

  • Daughter – How

Elena Tonra, lead singer of Daughter has been likened to Florench Welch. This song from the band’s new album on many counts highlights how she has found her voice and tells a story of another who also found hers.

How long must I wait for you?

I’m dance in the evening

How, must I wait for you

To become what I need?

  • Postiljonen – All That We Had Is Lost

Heavily Nostalgic, this one. Like most nostalgic themes and memories, it doesn’t end well.

  • Kojey Radical – Open Hands

Any fan of spoken word infused in rap genre will find this song by this young man with Kumasi roots living in the UK quite liberating.



  • Florence and the Machine – Take Care (Cover)

Florench Welch never does any wrong on a song and her lively voice on one of folks’ favourite Drake and Rihanna song just makes the song brand new.

  • London Grammer – Sights

Florence Welch, Elena Tonra, Hannah Reid not in any particular order.

Hannah is another strong indie vocalist and this is a song I find myself hitting play on lately. Maybe it’s because the first few lines ;

‘What are you afraid of I know that you are, 

  Keep it in your sights now, don’t let it go far ’

It doesn’t help that it’s accompanied by a voice I can’t dare hide from.


– Debola.

Written by Nik-Nak