The other day, ‘P and I were talking about growing up, and how as kids, we spent a lot of time by ourselves, locked away from everyone else just so we could daydream. I especially remember sending people out of my room specifically saying that I needed time by myself to “think”. Then I’d spend a few hours dreaming up the most elaborately romantic story my preteen mind could think up. If my nose wasn’t buried in a book, then my head was up in the clouds. Don’t judge me.

Recently, I was watching Her for the umpteenth time, and when Karen O’s Moon Song came on, it brought on such¬† an intense feeling of nostalgia for my dreamer girl phase. This is the song my teenage self would have spent most afternoons lost in! To this day, I still fancy myself a dreamer, though the content of my dreams may have evolved.

Today’s playlist is for dreamers…

1. The Moon Song – Karen O

2. An Ocean Apart – Julie Delpy

3. The Quiet Crowd – Patrick Watson

4. Hearts is a Drum – Beck

5. Youth – Daughter

6. Heartlines – Florence + The Machines

7. Promise – Ben Howard

8. All I Want (Kodaline Cover) – Ellie Goulding

9. Silhouettes – Of Monsters and Men

10. Lasan – Michael Kiwanuka & Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys)

11. Book of Right-On – Sarah Jarosz

America (First Aid Kit cover) – Daisy & Sylvia



Written by Nik-Nak