I think September is my favourite month. I’m not particularly sure why but it probably has something to do with all the delightful music named after this month.

Ever wondered why there is a buzz that surrounds the month of September unlike any other month? + September, more than all the other eleven months, has so many songs written in its honour. I took to Quora to ask why and I got some answers. I’ll share two:

Anything that becomes cliche was once a treasure.  “Love and above” as a rhyme scheme, bell bottom jeans, giga-pets, skydiving, carving your lovers name into a tree with a heart – all of these things when first discovered were great ideas.  Other people noticed their appeal and used them as well and history is written.  September is characteristic of a change of weather, the end of a time of increased lightheartedness, social gatherings, outdoors events and love affairs.  Many songwriters are especially sensitive to this change since most of our lives we are intentionally trying to hunt in our emotional vaults, look for things that churn up emotions and the month of September, or the end of summer is the perfect month for expressing through song that change in energy and mindset that it brings.


September is a turn point month. It’s when summer turns to fall. It used to be when the kids went back to school.  It also has a natural rhythm to it and sings well. Three-syllable months sing well. Also, if you are gonna pick a month to sing about, you have a one in twelve chance of landing on this one naturally. But I really like the natural rhythm and lilt of September.  Oct/Nov/Dec sing alright, too, but September has it all.

Yup, September has it all.

Here’s a list of my favourite September songs:

1. September – Earth, Wind & Fire

2. Wake Me When September Ends – Greenday

3. September – Chris Daughtry

4. September When I First Met You – Barry White

5. September Song – Willie Nelson

6. See You In September – The Happenings

7. September Morn – Neil Diamond

8. Pale September – Fiona Apple

9. The Late September Dogs – Melissa Etheridge

10. September, When It Comes – Rosanne Cash & Johnny Cash

11. September Grass – James Taylor

12. September Cones – Robyn Hitchcock

13. Late September – Deepest Blue

Complete playlist:

Bonus: September of my Years – Frank Sinatra

Do you have a favourite September song? Share in the comments…


Written by Nik-Nak