Ozoz, Kitchen Butterfly, is a ‘Traveler, by plate..’

..passionate about food in its entirety – cooking, eating, dreaming, writing and photographing it.

Kov and I have had the pleasure to meet Ozoz, and besides the joy that she’s an awesome mum and a jovial being, here are the reasons we love her:

1. Because unlike the average Nigerian (i.e. Me), she did more with mango than eat it just like that. Like, what? See this gorgeous Mango Yoghurt Parfait complete with healthy granola.

Mango Yoghurt Parfait

2. She re-imagines Nigerian cuisine; like she did here with this Tapioca-Coconut salad.Tapioca-Coconut Salad

3. She has given us a number of ingenuous small chops ideas that are not puff-puff and spring rolls. (No shade oh, I’m a puff-puff aficionado!)

E.g: Baked garri-crusted garden eggs

Baked Garri-Crusted Garden Eggs

4. Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered juicing sugarcane. Well, I haven’t. Sugarcane: Juiced or Blended, because you need options!

Sugarcane - Juiced + Blended

5. Agbalumo Drink exists, guys. Yes. I’m not a big fan of the fruit, but this is brilliant – I would drink this.

Agbalumo Drink

6. Nigerians love their plantains, no jokes. Like, really really really.. Y’all should be lining up to thank Ozoz for giving you yet more things to do with these plantanas like:

Plantain Salad Imoyo (this looks so good, I’m making it this weekend..)

Plantain Salad Imoyo 2

and Jibaritos Plantain Sandwich with Suya

Plantain Sandwich

Plantain Sandwich +Suya

and Chocolate-filled Plantain Gnocchi with Chillies.

Chocolate Filled Plantain Gnocchi with Chillies

7. Because she put garri on avocado..

Avocado + Garri

…and chilli in chocolate.

Chocolate Chilli Truffles

8. She made Zobo sauce!

Zobo Sauce

9. This Nigerian Scent Leaf Curry Sauce that Kov adores..

Nigerian Scent Leaf Curry Sauce

10. We love her Food Photography!

Plantain Salad Imoyo

Farofa Dambu Nama

Plantain Gnocche


If somehow, you still don’t understand why Ozoz is good for us, why we love her and her bold innovations and boundary-pushing; then watch her TEDx talk and try not to fall in love..

(All photos from the Kitchen Butterfly website linked above.)


Written by Nik-Nak