So we all use VSCO Cam; but do we really appreciate VSCO Grid? This is a Random Thursday (that should be a thing!) post where I’ve compiled some gorgeous profiles I found on the Grid – in an attempt to woo you over to this side. The photos I find on the Grid are mostly so clean and emotive and in the simplest and purest of ways – beautiful.


(Yes to clean lines and architecture photography.)

cyberandy cyberandy2

Tunde Mason:

(I love what Tunde does with the red box!)

TundeMason TundeMason2


(So vibrant! So bright!)

yulesrulez yulesrulez2


(Reminds me of the beauty in everyday things..)



(I love the portraits!)



(For all you nature lovers…)



(…and grit lovers.)

laidbaack2 laidbaack

Shashi Pratap:

(I really really like this photographer. I am not able to articulate my reasons. I keep going back to his page..)

shashipratapshashipratap3 shashipratap2

I won’t bother going on. Thing is, you don’t have to follow everybody – VSCO curates favourite photos on the Grid Homepage and all that minimalist gorgeousness is practically endless. So whenever you get tired of the Instagram #Blessed posts, you know what to do…


Written by Nik-Nak