I visited Kampala, Uganda recently and on one of the slow journeys down a typical narrow road in crawling traffic that reminded me too much of Lagos, it hit me – Kampala resembled an older Lagos. A calm, efficient Lagos before the glass and chrome and people and noise and chaos. Kampala reminded me of the faded photos of vintage Lagos in all their sepia, black & white andrunning colour glory.

Now, I didn’t live in this Lagos I’ve described. All my knowledge is from the images the internet (and my parents’ albums) have shown me. But they’ve left enough of an impression on me that I feel an irrational nostalgia for this time with the bicycles and neat roads and Brazilian/colonial architecture and carefree (seeming) Nigerians. And so this post was born.

From Broad Street to Carter Bridge to Bar Beach, here is Lagos before we knew it:

632854_Independence_square_Lagos_jpgce0b067defd2184bbecae45b1889a320 632867_another_location_jpg80b64da55ca68f917799846944c44736 633863_Classic_Lagos_jpg70813949951cdca99c172ad55648e964 695590_Lagos_jpgecf6133c7d1d6ebb74ec7247e351eb93 695593_CMSChurch_jpg61ea8247be7cb815f928ae7e2f865376 695602_carter_bridge_jpg82dfe0c03ac1316ea19d5fcb0d20db8a 695612_YabaLagos_jpgd92e84ed9ee84d36d89f4d3372162141 2379185_lagosharbourin1974_jpeg0e9534f93fd13ac3910c1ba351bbd00f 2379204_aviewfromikoyiparklagos_jpegcd5eb9ecb0073ee0d6bcff25a4ef0495 2379222_oldcarterbridgelagos480x256_jpegabdb088a3e6826365fbdfee19f97f3482379252_carterbridgestreetscenelagosisland1950spublishedbyfederalministryofinformation_jpege517ab9fb3e098dfffa0e1f721bd2969 8488726288_b4d76165e2 9450609640_55c0c17cca 9450609700_44933678e8Animal houses of the Yellow Fever Laboratory, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria January 20 1933 - Dr. Wilbur A. SawyerEreko Market, Lagos during Queen Elizabeth II visit to Nigeria in 1956 im78fs jankara market Kingsway building, Lagos Marina, early 70's LagosBarBeach MInistry 02-broad-street-lagos-1951 03-twenty-two-cameron-road-ikoyi-1951 05-creek-from-obalende-bridge-ikoyi-1951 06-lagos-yacht-club-1951 07-finish-start-marker-1951 09-yacht-at-lagos-1951 256zaco 291jaj7 487085_tosbenson_jpgad2685c6ea6065e735dc0c6d0b7dad80

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Written by Nik-Nak