Ojima Abalaka is a Nigerian illustrator. I discovered her work off Twitter at a time I was bemoaning the lack of more minimalist Nigerian illustrators. We have many fashion illustrators, yes – but not a lot of storytellers. I had seen one at the Afrikultur event, but why weren’t there more? And then I found Ojima.

Ojima is studying for her law degree and is a self-confessed donut eater. What I love about this illustrator is that she is trying to tell stories through her work, and she keeps an engaging account of her thought process and life happenings on her blog. Here she explains the thoughts behind ‘Lost in a Dream’, some of the illustrations are below.

Lost in a Dream is a surreal depiction of bliss found in sleep.

And here’s a ‘not very accurate’ self portrait of the illustrator:Ojima’s illustrations are both airy and refreshing while also ponderous. This For Creative Girls‘ post uses the word ‘serenity’. I agree. “Her art is a golden dream of serendipity and pseudo awareness that comes with being alive, living consciously and harmonizing all your parts into a whole.”


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Written by Nik-Nak