My sister found an old photo album last week, it was interesting to see the awesome sunglasses my aunt was wearing. It made me go back to my parents’ disco photos – my parents had these big ‘fros and were quite fashionable, I must say.. Anyway, I decided to find out what Nigerian vintage afro photos were on the interwebs,

I found The Lijadu Sisters Band from the ’70s.

Lijadu Sisters 70s

And these snazzy women also from the ’70s:


Anybody know what’s up with this pose?

Vintage Nigeria

And someone’s mum sitting prim and proper.


And here she is again..

Florence 1975

This gorgeous woman!

 Gorgeous Nigerian Vintage

And this fierce unsmiling woman..


Then this woman who looks like what I think a hippie of the Nigerian 1800s maybe looked like; complete with hair piece and ‘choker’.


And this album cover:

Vintage Album Cover

I found some other photos whose origins I couldn’t be sure were Nigerian but were no less beautiful. See that puff!


Did someone say edgy?


And then I realized not a lot of women were wearing their ‘fros out. I re-found this photo:

JD Ojeikere 1

..and then got immersed into the Ojeikere world, click after click.

J.D Ojeikere

Surely, you know about this legend? If you haven’t, that’s okay.. But you’ve definitely seen this photo around, right?

JD Ojeikere 3

J.D. Okhai Ojeikere was a veteran portrait and documentary photographer who started from a darkroom in Ibadan to Internationally-acclaimed icon. His hairstyle and headdress photographs are most popular and have been exhibited worldwide. JD Ojeikere Roundabout  JD Ojeikere 5

JD Ojeikere 6

JD Ojeikere Modern Suku

And talking about the past making future appearances, I met a lady late last year who had this on her head. Yes. Get used to it. We’re bringing the past back.

JD Ojeikere 4

And lastly, here is a photo of the Late J.D. Ojeikere himself that I really really love (funny that it’s the only one in colour?) It’s from a documentary of his work (by Tam Fiofori and Joel Benson) I watched at the LCA Festival last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a link to that documentary online. But if you’re successful, please link me so I can update this post.

JD Fave

P.S. This is a great Tumblr that is dedicated to vintage Nigeria. Most photos are from there. Look it up! I’m signing out with the cute couple photo from Enugu, 1965.Enugu 1965


Written by Nik-Nak