Almost serendipitous how this post comes only a couple of weeks after I’d started curating a Slow Sunday Morning board on Pinterest (of course), and a conversation with my brother suggesting that more churches offer Sunday evening gatherings (rather than the more popular morning services). My reasoning being that there should be an ease that comes with waking up on Sunday morning – unhurried. If we spend our entire week waking up to the sound of a blaring alarm clock, rushed cups of coffee to jumpstart the day, very often skipping breakfast, and succumbing to the pressure to start crossing items off the daily to-do list, isn’t it right that we save for ourselves one day in the week to let go of this weight? Making space for long, serene walks, wholesome breakfasts, indulgent reading with a glass of wine, slow cooking and enjoying Sunday dinner feasts, and huge cups of coffee (or tea) brewed entirely for ones enjoyment.


So imagine my excitement when an email showed up in our inbox introducing a new fashion brand that aims to inspire people to spend their Sundays meaningfully and learn to slow down. Sweet serendipity, eh? Even ‘P had to say this is right up my alley. Yup, definitely my cuppa!

Ode to Sunday is a Lithuanian based independent clothing line manufacturing effortless style through socially conscious methods. Their goal is to design clothes so comfortable we would long to spend Sundays in them.  Made from linen – yes, please! How many ways can I say, “Take my money!”


The conversation about ethical fashion is one that is not yet popular in this part of the world, but it is beginning to happen  and I am hopeful that it will get all the attention it deserves. Which is why whenever I find brands that make it a point to be socially as well as environmentally conscious in their production, my interest is immediately piqued – bonus points for designs that are aesthetically pleasing.

Lithuanian linen is used for its low-impact production and characterful imperfections. Garments defined by modern strokes and organic silhouettes are constructed entirely by hand by tailors paid fairly. This appreciation for local resources and historic processes, combined with a focus on quality, ethics and wearability builds an investment wardrobe, and helps to sustain a world in which pleasure is found in letting mind and body wander.

In addition to this clothing line for women, Ode to Sunday also posts inspiring talks with creative people about their Sundays. There’s a new one every Sunday.




This is our Ode to Sunday… time to let mind and body wander. Our passage begins where linen is woven: the oldest flax mill in Lithuania. For centuries, we have loved this cloth for the opposing virtues, strength and gentleness. When left to its own devices, it wrinkles like a smile.  We take our linen to local tailors. They sew precision garments that breathe in air and soften with wear. Each pair of hands works one piece at one time from scissor to seam. Each stitch is seen. Each item is an accomplishment. Our path is as constant as a year without seasons. Driven by kindness, inclined to longevity and restful on quality. We explore our weavers’ fields. We know our tailors’ names. We do this so that we can, and you too might, feel connected to our clothes.

If there is such a thing as no-fuss fashion, this would be it. Easy as Sunday morning…

cream linen tunic dress pleated back dress summer kimono with 3-4 sleeves Uma tee top in while linen white sleeveless linen top

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Ode to Sunday ships internationally and you can find/shop your favourite pieces on their store.


Written by Nik-Nak