This one is for the papas and mamas and whoever is designing a baby’s nursery…

On my internet sojourns, I come across so much beauty and I happened to find a stash of gorgeous baby rooms which inspired this inspiration post. 😉

You don’t want a boring room for that child that’s gonna be growing in this space – you’re practically watering a plant! So, be it minimalist or colourful or rustic or themed, put some effort into it. Here are some ideas that can get you started:

Fancy Walls:

Nursery_01~ from here

Nursery_21~ from here

Nursery_04~ from here

John Bedell Photography~ from here


Eclectic Stuff:

Nursery_05~ from here

Nursery_06~ from here

Nursery_09~ from here

Nursery_10~ from here


Rustic Spaces:

Nursery_07~ from here

Nursery_11~ from here

Nursery_13~ from here

Nursery_14~ from here


Soft and Pastel-y:

Nursery_08~ from here

Nursery_12~ from here

Nursery_15~ from here

Nursery_16~ from here



Nursery_17~ from here

Nursery_18~ from here

Nursery_19~ from here

Nursery_20~ from here


Other details and stuff: 

Details Details 02 Details 03Details 04Details 05

Now, go forth and procreate!


Written by Nik-Nak