Not Just Pulp is right up my alley. I’m up for any alternative to boring Hallmark cards. We brought you Yobbings from Ghana before, but I’ve found a Nigerian brand with Nigerian humour ~ all made in Nigeria. I’m stoked!

Quality is amazing, design is colourful & vibrant. As we head into card season, I thought to share this amazing discovery with you.

For the cultured and creative customer who craves a little bit of uniqueness in their “every day”, Not Just Pulp is a design-led greeting card publisher dedicated to creating the most remarkable greeting cards. NJP was founded by Chidinma Akobundu who designs all the cards in her studio in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. All the cards are printed in Nigeria on carefully sourced fine quality paper; always luxe with subtle hints of Naija humor. At NJP we are crazy about art & design! This passion feeds Chidinma’s mission of creating a formidable gifting brand that can compete internationally.

the-lekki-gift-co-gifts_njp-glad-card img_0795 cute-butt-card_anniversary-gift-box-for-himlove-cards sugar-banana_temple-muse-exclusive

There is the nifty option to personalize your cards too. Their cards are made to order (email or telephone).  The cards are blank on the inside — liberty for self-expression, ey? thumbnail01_personalized-cards

Not Just Pulp is stocked at several places in Lagos, in the event you want to stop in on your way to apologize to your beloved.


So get in there, people! There’s plenty creative goodness to look forward to this season:

Follow Not Just Pulp on Instagram and Facebook. Their website is launching soon. And hurrah to another super-cool Nigerian brand!



Written by Nik-Nak