Inspired by this video, I wanted to know to know if there were any ‘alternative’ Nigerian videos that were whimsical and poignant..

Although I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, it was great to discover so many cool Nigerian videos on my quest. It’s always refreshing to see the stuff that’s different, good different.

Special thanks to everyone who helped me out with this list on Twitter, especially @88factor.

  1. Siji – Ijo [I really really enjoyed this video. So groovy!]

2. Temi Dollface does pretty cool stuff all the time. This is Pata Pata, very first video by her I saw.

3. Vicktor Taiwo – Curse [But you know Nik-Nak loves Vickor…]

4. Olugbenga – Silver Pixie, Iyawo Mi [Always good to see familiar places in a different light.]

5. Seun Kuti – IMF ft. M1 [This one takes us into the realm of surrealism.. I was down up until the white eyes.]

6. Adaku – Or You Can [The acting might be a little cringe, but this is a really sweet video.]

7. Asa- The Way I Feel [And all of her videos, really. Have you seen the most recent? I’ve watched it maybe sixty three times.]

8. Iyeoka – Simply Falling [Only discovered her yesterday, so stoked!]

9. Nneka – Restless [This woman has a piece of my heart. This is my fave song from her. *heart emoji*]

10. Bez – More You [Signing out with this because everyone mentioned it.]

Now, I know there’s probably a million other ‘different’ Nigerian music videos that I’ve passed on – enough to make you irate. Forgive me. And then show me; a Part 2 might just happen.

I hope you liked something!


Written by Nik-Nak