I stumbled upon Natalie’s Tiny Closet a few years ago (bless you, universe!) and was instantly won over by her simple, yet, sophisticated style, her warm personality, and oh-so-gorgeous mane! At a time when almost every fashion blogger I knew seemed to be shopping the latest trends on a weekly basis and desiring to own a closet large enough to fit two States the size of Texas, Natalie was a breath of fresh air for my more minimalist taste.

The idea behind the tiny closet is simple: know your personal style and work with the pieces you already have. You don’t have to go shopping for new stuff every time you think you have nothing to wear. Declutter your closet and find ways to mix and match what you already have. The possibilities are endless.

When I first started exploring style and fashion for myself, it was under the premise of not shopping and working with the clothes I already had. With the absence of buying new clothes, I was forced to get creative with my wardrobe. Really creative. From wearing maxi summer dresses as sleepwear in the winter to mixing my gym clothes with my date night ensemble… mixing seasonal items, and layering styles, all with the same amount of clothes I started with. My closet hasn’t grown bigger but the options seem endless to this day. Through learning about my own personal style, I figured out what clothes and accessories to buy and what to pass on.

These are some of my favorite pieces and different styling options from her blog. + isn’t her hair just always unbelievably stunning?


I love this black and white stripped top so much (which she made, by the way) in every way she has rocked it.

This Ikat print pant is one of my favorite from her pants collection. And the cropped shirt she pairs it with in the second picture is a winner every time.
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I’m very patiently waiting for my best friend (doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know this yet) to start making her pieces for sale. Amen.

Natalie got married a couple of years ago in a dress that truly captures her style and has me swooning every time I look at pictures from her wedding (which I am not ashamed to admit, I have saved somewhere on my hard drive. Because, best friend).

There really are no rules, and anyone who is constantly doing the most with less is definitely winning…in life.

(All images are from Natalie’s blog linked above).
You can follow her on Instagram and Tumblr.
This post has some more of N’s contrasting styling for same pieces.



Written by Nik-Nak