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First, there’s Charly, then Margaux, add a violin and a viola, stir it all together and what you get is the breathtaking music duo known as Chargaux. Only a few years ago, these two didn’t even know each other, but thanks to a serendipitous meeting (great job, Universe!) involving Charly playing her violin at a corner and a really impressed Margaux saying something along the lines of, “I play the viola. We should jam sometime”, the world is being blessed with the music of what is currently one of my favorite bands.

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Immediately after their serendipitous meeting at Berklee  College of Music in Boston, the duo began to create together harmoniously. Working as subway performers, they moved to Brooklyn and immediately contributed a distinctive string arrangement on “Don’t Kill My Vibe” for Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy nominated album Good Kid m.a.a.d. By 2013, CHARGAUX created enough buzz during SXSW to garner the attention of GLEE star Darren Criss, opening for him throughout his sold-out “Listen Up” North American tour.

To be honest, when I hear the words ,”violin” and “viola”, I immediately think traditional classical music, surprisingly, Charguax is anything but. Think innovative electronic sound meets pop meets hip-hop meets jazz meets R&B meets folk. I know! How can it be anything but amazing!!

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It is quite impossible to put these two in a box. With really dope music, impeccable style, and numerous artistic outlets (they are also visual artists! Like, as if they weren’t already too cool!!), we cannot help but fall in love with the duo.

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In addition to a number of awesome covers, Chargaux released the Broke & Baroque EP in 2014…

(Images are from the Chargaux website linked above).

You can find Chargaux on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram.


Written by Nik-Nak